Buying things with etn


has anyone ever actually bought anything with etn?


I tried but instant payment has a limit of 50€ at the moment.
Gotta wait till we are out of beta :slight_smile:


I had one or two guys buy t-shirts from me via the instant payments system.


A few people I talk to on Telegram have purchased logos, bitmaps, stickers etc for a few ETN off

I believe one guy I talk to ordered blublockers ?? before the site went down due to us overloading it :joy:
I’ve bought a virtual orange off someone in the USA…


thats great n all, a few etn logos and a virtual orange… 29/09/18.

i hope in the future when everyone is using etn, these replies will seem funny… :slight_smile:

is there a current list of vendors who accept etn payments ??



i’ve just sent 2 pizzas to a random address in tambunan… :slight_smile:

get the ball rolling, gunna check the list. i want to spend all my etn coins…


Awesome!! What did you charge? Let’s hope those 2 pizzas don’t end up costing $66 million like the pizzas that were bought for 10,000 BTC!

But still, a great initiative from your side. Thanks for getting the ball rolling!


I think there is already a pizza service that claims to accept ETN I think.
Still waiting for the first official one :slight_smile:


yes its called twenty2 crust it can be found in benjaminoo’s list at electroneum101.

i recommend them. easy to convert your Malaysian Ringgit to ETN if you are hungry. :slight_smile:


no they were quite cheap, just over 1000 etn including delivery. :slight_smile:

a lot less than a btc pizza, but it was only plain cheeseso…


Ive bought a picture and a book


where did you buy these things?


From where did you buy it?