Buying/selling price

I don’t fully understand the in & outs of everything so I’m hoping someone can help understand why people sell when the price has hardly moved, surely if there are green candles on cmc people are buying which helps push up the price so why would you sell at a time when etn is on the move upwards?

it is a hard question, but it might be more profit in hedging in other coins with bigger move, so some mov between coins to make more


Not only that, but sometimes people that have a need for their money ie emergency situation(s), vacation, what ever it may be, may simply pull their money out. It might not make sense but when ETN is so low and you feel that you could buy back in without much of a loss then I could see someone doing that. Although B.F.A. is more on point. If people anticipate a coin may move fast switching one coin out for another is a very common thing. Also sometimes people just want to diversify their portfolio and when they start in crypto in general they may only have one crypto coin like bitcoin for example. Once they learn a little more then they may test the market by buying other crypto’s. To do that they usually use some of what they already have in another portfolio!

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