Buying ETN from cashcurrency?


HI all, so far i am using coin base to buy btc and convert it using cryptopia to buy ETN.
Is there any ways to buy direct ETN from cash curency?



It looks like there is one exchange that offers purchase of ETN with GBP at this time.



There is also Coinspot that offers ETN for AUD.


Can you also sell ETN for AUD/GBP on those exchanges?


maybe it will come in more cash currencies to buy ETN coin in the future,after cryptocurrency regulation around the world.


For coinspot you can sell any of the coins listed including ETN for AUD. Haven’t used cryptomate myself so not sure but I assume you would be able to.


Hello @DF_AllenPeng

Coinbase is a USA exchange only (Canada is allowed to trade BTC pairs but not USD pairs) which means you are looking for USD > ETN. We dont have USD/ETN pair yet,… however, your current method of purchasing Electroneum is very good.

Coinbase pays for your TX (transaction) Fees, which means you get to send out your Bitcoin and Coinbase will pay for TX Fee. Not many exchanges offer this type of deal. Also if you are not using Coinbase Pro, I would strongly suggest to learn.


If you deposit USD directly into Coinbase Pro from your bank account, your fees will be a lot less, although it does take 3-7 days for a successful deposit.


If your in the UK you can use Cryptomate I have used it without problems. It’s really easy to use


I wanted to mention that soon will be allowing people to use Paypal to buy cryptos when it’s fully launched and ready. That’s going to be game changing and make purchasing so much easier for everyone. I’m really looking forward to that coming to fruition. In case you hadn’t seen that information yet although you can’t yet I thought I would mention it.


Indeed. are extremely ambitious and look to be offering some incredible options that will be great for Electroneum users. They have had their ups & downs (who hasn’t in this industry?!), but I’m very excited about what they aim deliver in the coming weeks and months. One to watch i think.


I agree there, I signed up there about 3 weeks ago so I wasn’t keeping up with fully until then but now I am. When I saw they were going to add Paypal I was quite surprised to see that and really excited because it will give them a big advantage and it will be very inviting to those new to crypto. Simplifying the purchase process for regular people is very necessary for the mass adoption of cryptos. They have a good opportunity to because a top exchange without a doubt.

You’re right about ups and downs, but that comes with the territory of course. I agree, absolutely one to watch and keep an eye on.


I tried that but you need to buy a Minimum of £100.
I only wanted a fivers worth :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Your best bet is through an exchange then, if you need help drop me a message.


Thanks Danny but looking into it I’m going to take the plunge and purchase £100.
I’m new to all this and the only wallet I have is the mobile miner wallet on the app.
Will this be ok or will I need to download some sort of paper wallet.
All help much appreciated :grinning:


You can move your ETN at anytime onto an offline wallet, you can get an offline wallet by logging into your account on this is similar to the one on your app except none of the details are stored online so they theoretically cant be hacked you just have the details on a piece of paper you print off its then on you to keep those details safe and not loose them.

There is a small risk with keeping your coins in the app some things you can do to stay safer is avoid connecting to public wifi hotspots and make sure your using a decent password for the app that your not using on lots of other accounts. I think most people who have very large amounts move some onto an offline wallet and keep some in there online wallet.


That’s great Danny thanks.
I’ve downloaded the offline wallet and purchased £100 worth of coins with no problems.
This is all new to me and if it all goes Pete tong then luckily I can afford to lose my £100.
But I have a good feeling in several years to come my investment will pay off.


Happy to help. Best of luck to us all we are all hoping ETN will be successful and your right its best to only put in what you might loose.


I posted this in the update thread too, but since it’d benefit here as well I’ll share a retweet from the official NEXT Twitter that just came in today. It seems you’ll not only be able to use fiat to purchase crypto but withdraw fiat as well. I wasn’t initially sure if that was going to also be allowed via Paypal. Really excited about it honestly, it’s such a big help to make it simple for everyone to get involved in the crypto space. It’s another stepping stone to mass adoption.



I think you should stop using Coinbase and start using Gemini. The former’s fees are ridiculous compared to the latter’s.


Hey DF_AllenPeng you can use Bitbns exchange, sorry but in bitbns you can trade in INR only