Buying etn for £ pound only

where can i buy etn for pound instead of buying bitcoin send it to an exchange and then buying etn


Go to

You can buy with fiat.

Speak with @Chris-FreeETNCentral if you need further support

Cryptomate is good too

Cryptomate is good as others have said

I’ve used cryptomate on several occasions and can’t fault it. Minimum purchase is £100 however.
FreeETNcentral is also another excellent option to purchase ETN. Unlike cryptomate you can purchase at lower costs.
Currently you can purchase top ups of 500 1000 and 2000 ETN.

Interesting, not seen that before. ETN > fiat coming soon too!

FreeETNcentral is a rip off dont go near them

I’m guessing you’re the guy who was just on live chat asking if I was on drugs. Let me explain a few thing to you. Firstly, you should take the time to read all the information available before jumping to conclusions. Secondly, Although the price on a converter may show you the price of ETN to GBP, it doesn’t take account of the associated fee’s of going from GBP to FIAT.

If you don’t understand how something works, don’t take it upon yourself to then go around spreading mis information.

Oh yeah, just thought I’d add that even though I’ve give away over 22,000 ETN over the last five months on the site for completely free, built up a great reputation and a free stream of Electroneum that is spread across the world and is now self funding, I thought i’d go and ruin it all by ripping people of on a service which the site makes £1.50 per sale on. Makes sense, not!


Yes, I’d like him to explain his opinion too. I can then explain why he’s misunderstood the service. The site is 100% built on fairness which is shown throughout the entire site, through multiple posts and user interactions. I’m willing to bet that multiple users of the top up system are willing to come here and vouch how fast, efficient and trustworthy the service is for as small a fee as I can provide at the moment. With 60% of that £1.50 that we actually generate then being given away as free Electroneum.

Anyway, I better get back to sending out people’s free ETN, being the evil rip off mastermind that I am.

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I am sure there is a misunderstanding> Please calm yourself and come back to discuss about your issues and come with a solution.

if the solution does not work for you, please look at alternate options which suites your capability.

I vouch for @Chris-FreeETNCentral as my experience so far has been excellent.

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I’ll look at this as an opportunity over the next few days to improve the way information is presented in relation to the top up service to make it easier to understand. I’ll keep in mind that FROGMILK does probably believe he is working in the interest of the broader community to protect them, which is commendable.


yes sorry for that i got it wrong this is so many scams out there i never no which is true if i can buy off your site now i know its safe would be weclome


Hi FROGMILK, I understand, I’ve seen the amount of scams going around and it really is a shame that folk end up getting caught up in these.

I think I could do a better job of explaining the top up card system as I can see how it could be easy to get confused. Unfortunately, the system I have in place at the moment is not ideal. I’m working under certain limitations with regards as to how the top up system works. I’ve been looking into creating a system very similar to the coin base interface which I feel would be ideal for what we’re trying to provide. At the moment, I’m stuck with the current format. It does however work pretty well, but as you can see, it’s causing confusion.

I’ll take this opportunity to say that I’m not best pleased about the fee’s either! I had actually integrated stripe payments with much better fee’s, however their payout process has forced me to remove them from the picture at the moment, which I’m quite upset about as I could offer much better value using their service.

It’s literally eye watering to see how much coin base and pay pal are making off our service. Paypal charge 3.4% of the total transaction + 0.20p. They also have a wonderful “cross border fee” £1.99 which is included in that listed price, although it is removed once a user contacts me through the live chat and I can confirm that they are a domestic customer.

Then there’s coinbase, who’s fee’s are generally £1.49 up to £25 I think, £1.99 up to £50, and then £2.99 and upwards for over a certain amount, I can’t remember off the top of my head. Now I am currently trying to get around the coinbase fee’s which would allow me to cut the coinbase fee down instantly from the price. I’m having trouble with that and in contact with coinbase. I’ve lost my 2FA for coinbase which I set up a long long time ago, so I have to follow through their procedure to able to get access to gdax. Once I do have access to gdax, this change will be reflected in the price.

Then, I must keep the preset well above the current rate to discourage people from purchasing without contacting through the live chat. This is for two reasons, reason one, If a user purchases coins at a rate I set and hour previous, and the price has dropped then that’s a bum deal for the customer. If it’s the opposite way around then we lose money. Reason 2, when a user contacts me, I can give the exact rate that at that moment, and the live chat shows me the users geo location, so I can then remove the “cross border” fee from the calculation.

Those are the only reasons I’ve included live chat on the site,is to make sure everyone gets the best deal I can provide. I’m selling so many that I can barely keep up with the turnaround, with the products constantly going out of stock. When users have contacted me asking to buy more than 2000 ETN, on a case to case basis I have rolled the amount into one transaction with a lower overall fee.

I’ve only ever had one transaction have a delay, it was 3 days, due to a problem sending through the Electroneum blockchain and when the customer asked for a refund, I promptly gave the refund, even though I knew the 2000 ETN would eventually hit his wallet. The guy was a pure gentleman and came back and repaid the money.

You’re very welcome to come and use the service and feel free to join in on our free draws.

If you’ve any questions or worries at all, just message me!

Thanks, Chris.


yeas loads of scams out ther and thanks for reply

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I’ve used freeETNcentral several times to purchase ETN without any problems whatsoever.
It’s perfect for people wishing to purchase small amounts of ETN from 500-2000. Coins are always sent to your wallet without delay.
I’ve spoken to Chris several times on the live chat and found him to be very helpful and friendly.
A very genuine guy who has built a fantastic free ETN lottery website with the option to safely purchase coins.
The free lottery is fantastic. I’ve won a prize almost every day and the coins always get sent to your wallet every week.
I suggest you guys check it out.


Hi @Chris-FreeETNCentral saw your site. Just wondering how to purchase more than 2000 etn?