Buying ETN and transferring to IOS

Once ETN is purchased on a exchange website can they be transferred to my normal wallet on ETN app on IOS?

I rather have the ETN stored there as I feel like it will be safer

Yes, you can. You go to the withdraw part of the exchange, enter your address(press recieve and it will show your addressbin the app) and send it. It will then get to you in about 15 minutes.


Yes. The app is your personal wallet


Just dont ever show or give out your private keys by mistake…

Edit to add , this is if you have paper wallets…

Ok thanks Chris.

Am I right on saying that we have no access to our private keys on ETN anyway?

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I use the offline paper wallets so I have the keys

But the app /website yes etn stores them

Me personally i prefer to have control just incase something goes wrong…