Buying a house in ETN


Hi everybody!

Someone is selling their Miami condo – and is prepared to take payment in ETN. How exciting is that?
Check it out here:

Since we launched, we’ve seen people pay for a lot of items using our currency, but never something like this. Clearly, word is spreading…

What would your dream ETN purchase be? Where would you most like to spend your ETN? Let us know in the comments below…


These folks are very intelligent??? They will be very rich soon, very rich!


Some land , a house so I can pass that down to my family and bills paid off and enough left over for my kids …

Gonna be a few years wait though . Can’t wait


It could be @M-Kid house :thinking:
He lives in Florida and likes collecting ETN. :joy:


Wouldn’t that be great , being able to buy a house in electroneum


This is so awesome when I saw this on Facebook I was like :smiley:


Very cool very viral