Buy etn within the electroneum app


I recommend ETN to all my friends and they do not really understand why they cannot buy ETN directly within the app. Wouldn’t this be a great feature? You can combine this with integrating local payment systems like IDEAL in the netherlands to name one. Let me know your thoughts and please vote if you like the idea!


I agree, it must be the ultimate goal for 2019


iOS will be a problem. Apple wants 30% of a purchase.


Really ,? 30% sounds simply outrageous.
I dont doubt you at all but thats just over the top greedy.


30 % don’t make sense…


30% just kills it dead…
Maybe thats how much of a threat it is to them if say for example theyre putting out their own coin…and theyre stalling for time like the IOS release.
Then it would add up.
Here you can buy crypto at a news agent with fiat and its 3%


…change it… see below


?? try to explain because what you are stating sounds like realy of the map! so i buy a car for 100K and pay 30K to apple? can you re think and explain?


apple’s commission rate for app and in-app purchases is i understand it,its only the app itself or in-app purchases like more functinality for the app itself.but the electroneum app is for i dont think they will get any of your money if you buy some ETNs within the App via credit-card for example.but i am not sure…

i can also buy some data for my cellphone trough an app and apple does not get one $ for that.


Richard addresses this here at 8:30