Buy ETN with USD?


Are there any exchanges that allow you to buy ETN directly with US dollars? Just trying to avoid doing the extra step of buying BTC first. Thanks.



The advantage buying BTC is that you can send it to the cheapest exchange and time the buys. Sometimes the direct buy options buy your ETN up the sell stack and so you get less for a higher average price! Just saying - this might likely happen on HitBTC where EasyCrypto buy their ETN on your behalf as it has low liquidity :slight_smile:

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There are no USD pairs for ETN…yet. I heard Liquid accepts Credit cards now, but I don’t know if that option is available for US residents? I don’t use it, but that’s about as close as you will get without having to do any transfers between exchanges.

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Indacoin website you can buy but you have to do kyc and the fees are high. Best bet is to get into an exchange somewhere… Changelly can buy bitcoin and trade for etn but again high fees for card usage. Every avenue to use a credit or debit card will incur high fees so be careful.

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Thanks, guys. Appreciate the input.

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