Buy A Professional Sports Team

It would be too far out beyond Richard & Team’s scope, but it would be awesome to open a second ICO to buy a professional sports team (especially in America NFL,MLB,NBA) and name the team “Electroneum” or another mascot name with a logo that says “Powered by Electroneum” on their jerseys. There would be new accounts specific to the new ICO & sports-team where investors could purchase ETN with BTC or ETH like the original ICO. Those new account holders could be considered part-owners or co-investors of the professional sports team and a portion of the yearly profits could be paid back to each account holder in BTC,ETH,ETN as a dividend proportional to their ICO investment. The ICO would have various levels of ownership status according to set prices. And the account holder can sell their account for BTC, ETH, or ETN if they want to give up their position to someone(s) that want to buy it. The team would give ETN national advertising and would bring a whole new dynamic to professional sports giving the average Joe a chance at being an “owner” of a professional sports team.

Just a pipe dream to write about for entertainment.