BugCrowd vs HackerOne

Hi All,

Just thought I’d drop a line out to tell everyone that we have moved over to BugCrowd this year from HackerOne. Originally in 2017 we enlisted the help of HackerOne and they’ve been great at proactively testing our network and applications against security vulnerabilities.

We used HackerOne for two years, but this year we’ve migrated our penetration / hack testing to BugCrowd.com - these guys are just as professional, but we thought it was time to try some fresh talent. The team at HackerOne never succeeded in gaining unauthorised entry to any of our systems, and whilst we paid out a handful of smaller bug bounties, we are pleased to report that no serious vulnerability was ever found by them.

BugCrowd have already been successful in finding a few issues with AnyTask, which we’ve patched and rolled out in our soft launch phase, and are now working with fresh eyes on our ETN App and my.electroneum.com interface.

Have a great day!

Excellent, thanks for straightening that our for us! :+1:


Appreciate the update @ETNCEO

Many thanks to you and the team for all of the updates and the hard work you all do.


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