BTCUSD to $1,200 and ETN to $12.00 ! Too Optimistic?


BTC is getting hammered down right now and some sources are saying $1,200 BTC by June 2019.

Does anyone think ETN will arrive with some amazing news between now and June to create a moonshot ?

I’m praying for some huge news so I can buy up some BTC at the $1,200 area.

I’ll be holding on to the vast majority of my ETN of course :sunglasses:

1,000 ETN @ $12.00 would swap for 10 BTC… 10,000 ETN for 100 BTC… Then I’ll be a happy camper ! :smiley:

Can we make this happen by June ?


Im sorry but $1200 BTC will be like a .0009 ETN. Accumulate tho. Not finacial advice tho. Lol


Exactly this!

If BTC falls to 1/3rd of what it is now, ETN and every other CC drops approx the same amount. Unfortunately our 200 sats become worth less as they are directly linked to BTC Price.

Dont wish BTC to fall unless you want ETN to fall with it.


Yeah but I mean a disconnect between BTC and ETN with MASSIVE news !

Samsung will be installing the ETN miner on every phone, Richard Branson endorses and accepts ETN for place tickets, Apple and Amazon give a green light ! A billion people added in 6 months ! That kind of news will create a new range far away from 200 Satoshis.

This is what I mean. I know everything is quite dependant on BTC, well, except for Bitcoin Cash SV lately.
But sometimes a coin just says goodbye to BTC and takes off…