Bringing Electroneum to Australia


Australia is accepting of crypto currencies and maybe a good option to pursue. There are many Telecom providers that have great potential with, in my own opinion, Telstra or Optus being the two main ones. We do have Virgin mobile but I believe it is under Singtel Optus (Optus).
Are there any others anyone may suggest?
We already have an exchange that is Australian based (coins spot) which has a very easy way to purchase etn.
Let’s make this happen!



Would love to see the Maccas (McDonald’s), Dominos pizza bring Electroneum as a payment in the app to order food.
I remember dominos having Apple Pay like day one when Apple Pay launch in Australia.


Im more into escargot personally.!!I like my food slower!,!
To see that sort of payment system soon is well within reach.
Just an MWC Barcelona away!


Out of :blue_heart::green_heart::purple_heart: but hearts to you all! Nice to see fellow Aussies. Thanks for posting @Cogsclan
Vodafone is another one with great potential?


I believe vodaphone would still be great. But I think Telstra and Optus have the most users. There are plenty of options mobile wise and all have their for and against.
I’d also love to see etn as payment option in shopping centres here. After all of you are from here you all know how much distrust the people have in the banks right now.


You can just generalize and say distrust in investment.
If only there was more education regarding ivestment in Australia.


I think I have heard it quoted that Aussies have the greatest percentage of the population that have invested in crypto of any company in the world. I know that we were the fastest adopters of some other technologies like the fax machine. (showing my age now).


I wont disagree with what you say.
Australia is so diverse in so many ways.
I deal with a certain demographic of people of a rather limited geographical distribution.
I could talk to 1000 of my customers and find 3 that may hold Crypto.
Thats just my in my limited “world”.
Im trying to move crypto awareness forward in this country.
Its not working face to face…not for me.


Two of my sons work in the IT world so they are both up on crypto. In fact one of them works for a company that recently installed a crypto mining farm powered by solar panels and battery.


Thats so cool…
Im pushing for exposure now.
I talked with them this morning regarding Electroneum.
Im trying another angle…