Breaking news - NatWest mobile and online banking services are down / ETN Network Question?


So breaking news : NatWest mobile and online banking services are down. Apparantly the app is down.

Two things from this,

  1. How will ETN ensure the app is running near to 24/7.?Now they’ve migrated all the wallets for the instant payments are we safe now?

  2. Will the blockchain with asic miners keep us online? Is it penetrable?

Either way a banking issue has got to help us out a little. But I do hope they get back online soon🤐


Good qeustion @drpanda i hope they got their way to keep it up 24/7 without it going down maybe because it son the blockchain it technically will never be offline? :thinking:


Just to clarify things in my own mind… do ALL transactions via the app now use instant pay, even the ones that are not using the vendor API?

If anything happened to ETN (the company), people could still use ETN (the coin) but it would be slower?


Transactions between mobile apps and customer-vendor use instant payments. Transactions are still pushed on the blockchain.

If the instant payment service goes down, only the “instant” part goes down. Blockchain will still cover up for the transactions. I think the avg transaction time is then about 1-2min.

I’m not sure what the team did to prevent any computational attacks, like the 51% attack. Hopefully someone can clarify :slight_smile: