Break even figure


Just thought I’d start this thread as a bit of fun and for people to see that they ain’t the only ones. Ok guys so what price does ETN need to be for you all to break even? Mine was 10p but now got it down to 2p.



I will break even at 1,4 cent USD.



I guess 4 cents,i am down big

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As it stands I would break even at 1.2p. I have around 0.5 btc stuck on Cryptopia as I was enjoying the TRON run up but it’s killing me that I can’t swap it for ETN at the current price, that would bring my break even down to 1p exactly.

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I’m about even at the current price today as I bought the vast majority of my coins in September 2018 when the price was 0.004 GBP.



Great hearing from you guys, it can all get a little frustrating so thought if other people shared it might help.

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About .9p and I’m even



I never really factored it all in to an average (accurately)
1.5 cents US.
I just bought so many times, whatever I could afford at the time.
Although the value is decidedly higher in sats.
Any body take into consideration there’s round about twice as many coins in circulation?(From inital circa 7.5 ?)
Thats like value added in my books!



I’m about even too. Havn’t bought much over 250 sats

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Honestly i dont know when i break even :smiley: but i think arround 2.5c…

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Just under 2 cents for me. Fingers crossed for 30 plus cents…30+ cents for me = retirement



Just under $ 1.3 cents.
Putting in some buys, hopefully that will drop

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Yeah it will want to be in the next five years or Ill be buying a Mobiscooter not a Lamborghini.

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Not exact since I’ve bought at what seems like every price, but thanks to recent :chipmunk::chipmunk::chipmunk::chipmunk::chipmunk::chipmunk: this should work:



0.038 cents…



ufff. You bought cheap. Congratulations :chipmunk::chipmunk::chipmunk:

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I had 7 figures of ETN that I was trading on Cryptopia, that puts my break even at 3.3p with what I have left.

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Well I was at $0.11 so I have to “dollar cost average”.

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