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Native to Brazil? Let us know who your favourite influencers are?


It’s great to read this! I’m Brazilian I own the YouTube Electroneum Brazil Channel! And it’s going to be great is closing this partnership directly with the Electroneum Team.


I believe in the potential of your channel! Good luck, I’ll be following you! (Sou brasileiro também rsrs)


Boa tarde… Incrível, cada dia que passa, vemos uma grande evolução na ETN… atualmente temos mais pessoas investindo em Criptomoedas do que na Bolsa de Valores, temos um mercado que acolhe esta nova tecnologia… Nossos principais sites são: Sites. radarbtc, guiadobitcoin, portalbitcoin e Os influenciadores de Canais de YouTube: Fernando Ulrich, Aprendizado cripto, 59 Segundos, investimos Digitais, Epaminondas Bitcoin, Bitnada e DashDinheiroDigital … Atualmente como Maiores Influências no seguimento de criptomoedas. Aguardo ancioso para Etn fazer a revolução


In Brazil we have a channel that contains some videos about #ETN It’s called ‘Crypto Chaps’

I knew the #ETN through him.



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Just to clarify, we really want to know:

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Já ouviram falar do Nubank?é uma banco totalmente digital , através do smartphone faz tudo , com milhares de clientes no Brasil ,Fintech que nasceu em 2013 e tem uma pegada muito tecnológica , mostrem seus trabalhos em blockchain para eles , mostra o que vocea querem para o mundo … são uma empresa inovadora ,com ideais e valores muitos relevantes para a população… Por favor tentem firmar uma parceria com NUBANK

Influenciadores brasileiros são:
Sites : infomoney ,, radarbtc, , criptomoedasfacil, tecmundo

Corretoras: MercadoBitcoin, braziliex , foxbit, xdex ,BitcoinTrade ,BitCambio ,Bitcoin to you, Braziliex

YouTube : aprendiz cripto, DashDinheiroDigital, 59 segundos , bitnada, Fernando Ulrich, investidores digitais , primo rico, Epaminondas.


I am! See my account of how I am on my own initiative, spreading and putting the ETN to mass adoption! We are still at the beginning, but growth shows a promising future!

Prioritize who does by purpose the community.

Result from my independent hearing of Electroneum!

I am not fluent in English and have used Google Translator, sorry for possible errors or difficulty in reading.

Since I know cryptocurrency, Electroneum was the one that I had the greatest affinity, I do not know if by the ease in the use, by the mining in the smartphone or by its excellent community!

I’m a fan of a game called Top Eleven Manager, which is one of the most popular of football manager’s. But there is a big gap, there are few in-game championships and it has made several independent leagues out of the game created by their players, called “Friends Leagues”.

As I said up there, I have an enormous affinity for ETN and decided to share with some friends of the game who did not know cryptocurrency. I confess that acceptance was not easy and the question “But is it for free?” was made several times and after the explanation the other question “But it sure is for free” was made several times.

The registration is a point that needs to be improved and perhaps simplified, many doubts arise and the support is huge at this stage!

It was then that I decided to create my own League of Friends and unite the spread and acceptance of the ETN. I started offering cash prizes, as long as they signed up with payment in ETN and to my surprise, the result started well!

1st Season - August - 6 players
Season 2 - September - 9 players
Season 3 - October - 14 players
Season 3 - November - 14 players
4th Season - December - 18 players
5th Season - January - Open Enrollment, but already with 22 players!

And the result was beyond expected, ETN is being used by some as a means of payment when negotiating game items between players!

I confess that I am having a small prejudice because the value of the inscriptions do not cover the amount that disbursement for awards that needs to be attractive. But still happy, because the work is having resulted and evolving!

For those who want to know, we are going beyond disclosure and putting ETN into practice! My site:


Congratulations dear for the initiative. That’s the spirit! I want to know but this work has content for a video