Bored? Thunder has the Cure! ETN Trivia points league!


Starting in February I would like to start a fun friendly community activity similar to the one I did for Christmas but with different themes. Thinking of a ETN trivia based game, with a weekly point system, with top point person getting some ETN at the end of each week.

Before I start on this quest to beat boredom, I would like to know whom would be interested in playing / being involved?

As this stuff takes considerable amount of time to plan and execute, I wanted to make sure we have some interest first!!!

IF you are interested respond to this post saying you are in and I will add you to the list. We need at least 10 people to be worthy of getting it up and running!

Cheers and thanks for reading my post!!

Much Love,


In like ETN-Flynn. Much love


I’m inn buddy, and this will be an interesting game


I want to try this @Thunder


Well after the Christmas fun how could I not. Count me in Chief/Chef!


Sounds like an interesting way to pass the time whilst we wait for the February WMC :slight_smile: