Bored? Thunder has the Cure! ETN Trivia points league!

Update! Well at this point I would have liked to have had way more people playing! Knowing when to throw in the towel is wise, and I am doing just that. A huge thanks to @Buckizard who dominated in this contest, compiling an impressive 710 total points and to @Legend for an honest effort. I will send you both some congratulatory ETN. I think I will stick to the xmas version as it seemed to accommodate a lot more enthusiasm.

@Buckizard and @Legend please pm me your ETN address, so I may congratulate you both appropriately. Many thanks for you both, and any others for being involved, cheers,

Much love, Thunder

In like ETN-Flynn. Much love


I’m inn buddy, and this will be an interesting game


I want to try this @Thunder


Well after the Christmas fun how could I not. Count me in Chief/Chef!

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Sounds like an interesting way to pass the time whilst we wait for the February WMC :slight_smile:


@Thunder I’m in bro cheers and I hope this one is as much fun as the holiday one thanks.

Open up the box of fun then big guy! What hoops shall we jump through this time? :grin:



How it works:

For each person registered you will earn points.

Some questions will have very specific answers making your job very easy. Some will not, where your idea or your thought process will be in over drive, we shall see how you can best answer the question(s)

Regardless of what you do you will always earn points.

If you do not post any kind of answer within a 24 hour time line from when the question was posted then you can lose points. YOu still earn them only they are negative so post on time!!!

Unlike the last competition where everyone could win, in this game only the top point scorer will earn ETN. ( I may move that to top three we shall see)

Don’t worry the daily questions can change the leader board every day.

Week one: Trivia questions on ETN Itself (you are not prepared)

Week Two: Story Consequence, I will give you a short story upon which you will have 2 or maybe even three options. What you choose or more importantly your explanation of why you chose what you did can earn you points.

Week Three: Random Question(s) Week: Crazy questions that will tickle your brain and leave you wanting more

Week Four: True or False (yeah it seems easy at first but it’s not)

Leader Board: When I ask a question you will have 24 hours to respond to said question with your answer. In some cases there may be more than 1 answer / question(s) to answer lol.

All answers must be posted to me unless I other wise indicate something different ( I do that every now and then)

The following day I will update the Leaderboard for all to see.

We Begin on Feb 1st. I am Pacific West Coast Time at the time I write this it is : p.m. where I am. (reference point for you)

Good Luck to you all, and I truly hope you enjoy another fantastic Thunder Adventure!!!


It begins tomorrow … you are not prepared bwahhaahahahahaahha

So far registered I have,

@Buckizard, @Emmanuel, @Legend, @Tanwax, @wTz1, @RSKNOR

I was hoping for a few more but we can giver with just these few peeps.

I will be supplying three question upon which you score points for each one you answer correctly. They will always be in the category of easy medium and hard difficulty, that said some of the xmas easy questions turned out to be hard for some people so we shall see how this plays out. I will post scores, for the leaderboard each day!

it will look like this

  1. blah blah blah = 10 points

  2. Blah Blah Blah = 50 points

  3. Blah Blah Blah = 100 points

so the top score you can achieve per day is 160 points

Week One Topics starting tomorrow is:

ETN specific trivia questions (good luck)


If you have forgotten to register for this event and are suffering from mild to massive FOMO (fear of missing out) please refer to the link posted below,

much love,


@Thunder Take my money, where do I deposit “dust” ETN for this trivia thingy?

lol you don’t pay for it @RSKNOR you just play it and if you have the top score at end of week you earn ETN! Simple as that!!!

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I have added you to the list

The time of responding to your message is 3:19 local time (+8hours) anyway I see this to be a cool game good luck to everyone

New questions are up see the title to determine what the questions are! Good luck!!!

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New questions are up and three is a dandy but I know someone here will be smart enough to figure it out! Cheers and good luck as always -much love!!!


Thanks for the fun, Thunder!!

Thankyou great as always :slight_smile: @Thunder