BOLD Awards - Vote for Electroneum 🥰

Here is a direct link to the page where you can vote for Electroneum at BOLD Awards. Voting is easy, you can login with a Google or Facebook account.

Vote Link:

For more information, check out the Twitter link below.

Twitter Post:

I am fundamentally unwilling to log into any site that demands my google or facebook login to vote. Please use caution on this one folks.
I will say that this link says I am being too paranoid, but still.


That’s a good point as we get all caught up in the rush to vote to push the coin forward it is important to take a measured step in not forgetting about this kind of stuff. Cheers good work posting it as an every vigilant reminder of what we should be looking out for!


Caution thrown windwards. I’ve voted. In Google I trust…:thinking:

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I’ve voted. :slight_smile: :chipmunk::chipmunk::chipmunk:


done! I just voted :slight_smile:

if anybody needs a promo key, you can use mine: DAA6BE, that way we’ll both earn more ETN.

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Thanks for links. Voted

I think you can create an account if you dont wish to login via Facebook or Google, but yeah thanks all for voting! :slight_smile:

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Voted last night on my wife’s Googs login. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Dont have fb, and didnt want to set up yet another website login.

Thanks for posting that @UncleDen. It is something we should all be aware of. Too often people sacrifice security for convenience. It’s good to at least know what the catch is for that convenience.