Blockstream is now accessible worldwide!


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This will definitely increase the number of btc full nodes.




This is “the good stuff” @CryptoRidz!
This is an example of what I see as Evolutionary for the entire Cryptosphere.
Many wont be interested in reading whats here because it doesnt apply “specifically” to their preferred investment.

Thats where it gets interesting,
For every milestone in adoption that a particular crypto makes promotes:
● Headlines
● Competition
● Funding
● Developments
● Positive Sentiment
● Mass adoption
Within the entire space.
This is a very good example of why one should embrce the developments of every project as being benefical…long term to their own.
There shoud be a common brotherhood between all investors instead of a slanging match between groups of. Investors in different projects.
Good things will come to all in the blockchain sector.
A little bit of patience and a whole lot of love goes a very long way!


This is huge !!! In terms of accessibility …

Awesome !!