Blockfolio Signals, ETN Team Apply

Hey Guys!

Thought a Really Good Idea for the Dev Team to do would apply to Blockfolio Signals!

This way, anyone who is using the Blockfolio App to track their Crypto Investments, and has Electroneum as one of their Holdings or is simply watching the price in the app, can get Updates from the Electroneum Dev Team in the app! This could be super useful as alot of investors I know will check their Blockfolio at least once a day! Also the Delta app, which is very similar to Blockfolio has the same type of function for Dev Teams to use.

Could be a very valuable tool to update a community other than Email and Social Media!

Hope this post will slowly but surely help make Electroneum the Crypto we all hope and want it to become!

A Enthusiastic ETN Investor, Thomas :slight_smile:

Link for ETN Team to Apply!! :slight_smile:

Great idea and thanks for the suggestion that you post here… :slight_smile: @BegaMutex @Bee

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