Blockchain stats overview dashboard

Hi all,

I managed to make a dashboard that displays a few data about the blockchain such as the blockchain height, current hashrate, blocks mined in the last 24 hours, block time, etc… the link is, here’s a screenshot:

I’ll be updating it with other metrics when I’ll have time and regularly check if any metric is wrong (which should not happen but :man_shrugging:)

(this is a personal stuff and nothing official from the team just to make it clear)


Appreciate your time


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This is excellent, @Corentin!


Looks great, fantastic work!

Thanks, this is what I was asking for for a while. I tried to donate and the QR code did not scan. Can anyone else confirm this?
I’d be interested in volume in ETN of transactions in the last 24 hours and the current value of that in $

Nice job…

You cant get TX amounts or their $ value. Part of the obfuscation makes this impossible.


Brilliant. I love it.
My stats addiction is not going to be cured with such a thing. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well done Corentin! This is amazing.


For the volume of transactions in the last 24h and it’s value in $, @BegaMutex is right, since the transactions still have “fake” outputs for most of them to obfuscate the real amount, it won’t be possible

For the donation QR code, idk… maybe if you screen’s definition is too small it struggles to correctly display it and make it impossible to scan using the app :thinking: I tested yesterday before posting the link and it was working :man_shrugging:

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He did say that they would be removing more privacy features so maybe this would be possible in the future?
OK I’ll try the qr code on my large monitor at home.

Could you show as a stat number of accounts and number of mobile miners?

not sure about mobile miners and i’ll have to take a look for the number of accounts

also i spotted that it seems there’s a little problem sometimes when fetching the data from the remote node that i’m using so data are sometime wrong for 3 hours (when all the graph are flat), i’ll look at it this weekend