Blockchain Investment Funds

To lift major investment and support the growth of the project and price of ETN. We could target (as a community) the emerging class of blockchain/crypto investment funds. As a first step, please feel free to list the ones you are aware of as potential targets:

EQUI Global, a blockchain-focused venture capital fund

Once we have a good list, we can then think about how we can promote the Electroneum project to them (in addition to existing market information freely available to these scouting fund companies).

Happy listing! :slight_smile:

Not an investment fund, however I just read an article about people using the “Fortnight” game to launder money.

Achieved by purchasing in game “VBucks” with stolen credit cards, then selling the accounts on EBay and other such channels.

Sounds to me like they need a KYC compliant solution and problem is solved ASAP.


We’re well connected in the bank/hedge fund space and are working on relationships and pitching Electroneum. However a venture capital fund (EQUI) is not the same as a long-only investment fund. VC funds provide capital for businesses to grow (buy equipment, hire new staff etc). We’re capitalised enough already (from ICO) to not require this right now. I should add that we are legally obliged to refrain from discussing the specifics of investment on our forums.


Yeah was aware of the differences. Ok sounds like its all under control. Feel free to close this thread.