Blockchain gaming off ramp possibilities?

I’m not a gamer so don’t really know the ins and outs of blockchain gaming so my idea might be moot.
Also it’s based on the speculation and hope of an Electroneum linked/associated exchange (Genvey)

Do these blockchain games require any sort of fiat payment when starting up? I mean is there any initial account fee or sign up charge or are they free?
If there is some kinda of charge my idea is probably a no go.
I’m thinking an unbanked gamer may be earning some decent in game tokens but if they don’t have access to an exchange or somewhere to readily trade these tokens they would be limited to how they could spend them, maybe in game purchases or trades but maybe a bit limited.
My hope is that if there was to be some kind of exchange and if it was to integrated into the app that Electroneum might recognise an opportunity for some kind of direct swap feature for the most popular blockchain game tokens. A direct swap into ETN would then give the unbanked gamer a whole host of spending possibilities with their gaming rewards.
Instead of new in game weapons, power ups and whatever they could start paying utility bills and phone top ups.

Any legs or am I off the mark?

I guess at its core, your suggestion is to add the ability to convert from other crypto currencies into ETN directly inside the app. Allowing people to easily tap into the ETNNetwork as an offramp for their crypto. Being able to buy ETN via the app has been discussed by the community a fair bit.

If so, that certainly could be an option, but it would require a third party integration which could be integrated into the app and which also meets any legal or regulatory requirements for offering that kind of service. I suspect it would also need enough volume (usage) in the ETN app to push for competitive conversation rates so that it would be worth using over an exchange.

There would be no real need to tie that down to “gaming”…if something of that nature was added, it would basically just be an in-app swap service. That could be marketed to any project which is available on the service.

Who knows, perhaps one day. At this stage the most important thing is to expand the ETNNetwork so that it is attractive for users. This then helps growth on due to there being so many ways to spend your ETN in the eco system without just converting to FIAT. This would also then feed into volume on the network making the entire project more attractive to commercial partners, integrations, exchanges and the crypto community as a whole.

Thanks for sharing your suggestion Nik. :+1:

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