Block App Wallet Problem


Hi Guys! I haven’t doing anything with my mobile app just mining. Today I encounter some problem even though I don’t login today for several hours because of electricity cut-off in our area. See the pic below. Who has the same problem with me? @JonneHex @Cosmicrypto can you guys give me some idea/solution.


Maybe someone tried to access your account? Could also have something to do with power outage, triggered unusual activity maybe. I would change my password as soon as I got access to my account. If that doesn’t solve it, contact support. Good luck @kaiser24


if someone tried too then I may have some warnings through my email account but there isn’t… I think I should try to clear data my electroneum app… if it’s still the same then I’ll contact the support. Thank you for the fast response :blush:


Uninstall and reinstall😊