Bittrex favorite coin tweet, let's post about ETN!


Thank you, doing the best I can with my limited following. I haven’t really tried to grow my Twitter as of yet I mostly just do retweets of things I enjoy or find interesting. Eventually I’ll be doing some big projects once ETN reaches certain numbers value wise.

Once that comes to fruition I’ll get my Twitter to a significant following. Also any business I eventually get going in the future will be using ETN as a form of payment and I’ll get the word out even further.


Gee im just a little fella.
Im not really trying to grow it.
Im not into those follow me things.
I want people who genuinely
Appreciate the project…not just investors or winners.
I see your point,
My motivations are different because Im not growing my Own business as such.


Oh believe me, I appreciate the project more than any other crypto by far. It’s not just an investment, if it was I wouldn’t be on the forum everyday or pushing it to as many people as I possibly can so they can learn about ETN and see what’s it’s capable of.

ETN is for everyone, that’s why it differs from other projects, most of them are niche coins aimed at just the crypto community or perhaps slightly more but not much. ETN is on an entirely different level, it’s why I always say it’s going to get a lot bigger than most think.


Yep sorry had to edit my last reply.I double dutched what I was trying to say.
I think that as Electroneum gets bigger it will self propel a lot of businesses. Such as your own.


It’s all good Pahini, I got what you meant, I was just saying what my plans are over time for the coin. They have an amazing mission that’ll I think benefit so many people all around the world. That’ll be exciting to see and oh yeah I would see it as a huge benefit to my future business as well.

The gig economy site is going to have such a positive impact on people the world over and not to mention all the things we don’t even know yet Richard has up his sleeve.


It is the way a lot of projects ard going.
Theyre doing same or similar to this.
Elastos forum just stsrted.same as this one.
Were just first. Miles in front


Yep, although I haven’t kept up with too many others currently. Admittedly been mostly into
ETN as of late, but I’m always in support of other coins who have a good real world use case
that can benefit the world in some way.

I actually did a topic on a new social network ETN could do in order to compete with FB but it got no traction when I first joined, happy to share a link if you’d like to read it over.


Yeah just PM it


Good morning everyone, I am trying to get some feedback about an idea I posted a while back if you could all come comment and give feedback I’d much appreciate it.


There is still time if anyone hasn’t commented
/liked/shared yet ! :wave:

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