Bittrex favorite coin tweet, let's post about ETN!


Thank you @Chris_T! Appreciated.


No problems @J5Alive glad to be helping out… :grin:


We need post there more info about electroneum too some supporting gif or articles or video our anthem? Make brainstorming… Like me look at my style… It looks like people like my content… We need more supporters at Twitter. Create Twitter army :smiley:


Slowly but surely.
I just followed all my followers.
:heart: and retweeted al posts electroneum with a comment on most


Voted. The time line just getting flooded by us ETN heads. :slight_smile:


It gets pretty ridiculous.
The signal mob are trying to work out whats going on.
With the recent @TheRealJohnDough vote we ranked #4 on the 24 hour with the price going down!!


This is one vote I really want to win. It’s a solid exchange.


Interesting how things escalate @Cryptoman976

The support this community shows is intense to say the least.
This is just the Tip Of The Iceberg.
:heart: Electroneum :heart:


@Pahini We should have the vendors make a “I have voted have you”
Sticker for our laptops.


I dont Quite follow.??


In the USA we used to have to go to the voting booth at the school courthouse, or other polling place. They would give you a paper sticker that said " have voted have you" This is to remind people to vote. Now all voting is done by mail.**LP%20-%20General%20-%20B&utm_term=%2Bi%20%2Bvoted%20%2Bsticker&utm_content=I%20Voted%20Sticker


Well Id prefer a Bittrex hat!


We were thinking about Electroneum bumber stickers but we decided it could get out of hand and become a nuisance.
You know what kids are like with stickers…especially the older ones like me!,!


Bitterex is close to me about 60 miles in Bellevue WA east of Seattle.
I used them in the past however look at the TX fees just an FYI very high for any volume. It has a killer UI and is easy for beginners to use.


I :heart: it already…
I am pitching them too!
Also we do need some simplicity in the space.
Iwas just looking at another good start today.
Still ICO yet


I just tweeted to Bitterex again with that great BlockHaven article since it was so well written and so spot on. I hope they actually take time to read and digest it since it makes so much sense.


Voting link is at the very top of this topic! Go and comment on their tweet if you haven’t yet and tell them why Bittrex Exchange should add Electroneum !! :zap::zap::zap::+1::facepunch::wave:


& @J5Alive @Mr.CryptoCZ @xterest @Cosmicrypto
Pulling all the strings I can with a couple of contacts.
Got hold of
They got back to me and theyre looking into Promoting us.


That’s exciting stuff Pahini :blue_heart::chipmunk::purple_heart::chipmunk::green_heart::chipmunk:


Its good timing with the twitter activity.
It appears he has overlooked us in the past.
Im already promoting nugget in the Australian you tubers topic…might as well get a return ticket!