Bittrex favorite coin tweet, let's post about ETN!


Bittrex has a new tweet to mention our favorite coin, so let’s use our massive community to tell them about Electroneum.

Official Electroneum Voting Poll Thread Please Vote ! ⚡
Fight The ETN Dump Club Round 3!

Yeah, lets flood this with only ETN comments!



This is a great opportunity for Electroneum! :zap: let’s show the world the numbers of the Electroneum community once again :facepunch:


Indeed it is, just commented and retweeted myself, it was awesome to see BlockHaven comment and support us there too.


THIS is one of my dreams…ETN on Bittrex. Seeing my other favorite project is on there, it would be nice to have one spot!


This is BlockHavens tweet to their followers although it does support another coin too that’s all good, big support for ETN as well.

And this is the comment they left on the Bittrex post.


Done thanks for putting this out there


Done ! Thanks for sharing ! I commented and retweeted Electroneum !


You’re most welcome @Tanwax


You’re welcome @Cryptoman, awesome! thank you very much


Actually a big thank you to everyone who’s helping with this on Twitter it’s much appreciated.


If someone has Reddit they could put a post up there also :+1: awesome work community !


It’s amazing to watch. Someone posts a little snippit of a possibility for ETN to win a vote, or get on an exchange, or just a general knowledge inquiry and the entire community spreads it like a wildfire in California


I’m not actually on Reddit at least yet but that would be great, I agree if someone could go post it there.


It is! It’s awesome and I love seeing it. As time goes on our community just grows and our ability to work together on these types of things is growing at an incredible rate. Honestly faster than any other crypto that I’ve seen by far.


I joined with my army to the battle for awesome new exchange. We need support each other :slight_smile:


I’m out of likes now but I like all of this :+1:


Thank you very much good sir, as always your help is highly appreciated. We gotta show the love for ETN and they’ll see it would greatly benefit their exchange as well.


My day becomes better if there is any new poll or something that we can do as community for ETN :))


Voted …:hearts: