BitexLive exchange UAE


Hey Peoples.
We may be able to get listed here.
New exchange just opened in the United Arab Emirates.


I think only team need to send registration… there is no vote section only send details… help better with this - last round:


I tried to vote onTxbit.
Twice I tried and twice it rejected my application saying an error occurred?
Is it it possible because I use a secure browser that it rejected it?


Thanks for sharing Pahini, I’ll check it out now :zap::zap::zap:


I think Mr.C may be right; ETN team need to apply.


Im sure they will notice it !


PS : It’s turkish exchange …
Located in Turkey (not UAE)
Could be useful to expand more in Turkey


@BegaMutex can ETN team possibly pursue this? Thank you @Pahini for this


Just to clarify my source and content.


Thanks for your research…
News articles prove to be very deceiving.
Wherever possible I try to work on facts.


I was able to vote (20 Char)


Thats great, although I do respect the way that it appears that its more of a company application as @Mr.CryptoCZ
At least either way they will get the idea we are a serious fully funtioning project with a working product that will be an asset to their exchange and its area of operation.
Thankyou for your efforts and your feedback.
Im out of :heart: at the moment.