BitcoinExchangeGuide KYC Article

Hey Everybody,

Check out this awesome article from Bitcoin Exchange Guide:

It’s great to see such positivity about our move to introduce KYC and become compliant with it. Hopefully, other cryptocurrencies will follow!

Do you think they will? Will our introduction of KYC pave the way for a new breed of KYC compliant cryptocurrencies? Or will we stand alone? Let us know below…

Wish they got the date right!
But yeah, great to see this type of coverage.

From what I understand, she could still use the CLI without limitations. Simply use the CLI to transfer to you, since you’ll have KYC completed.

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That’s roughly what I’ve done but it doesn’t help if she wants to spend it from her account she won’t be able too because of the kyc , to be honest Ive only put the link on to see if anyone will answer . ( Not being a dick or a fudder )

I love this place and it’s team but this week has been silent . Same tweets about kyc etc it’s like everyones gone on holiday and we are being replied to (or not ) by bots …

I think they are just very busy getting things ready. Spending time here hand holding is less time they can spend working on a successful launch. Remember … we are in BETA still.

That’s what this community is for , to talk about electroneum and help each other and to have direct interaction with the team if you have any issues or ideas.

I suppose yes we are still in beta with the i.o.s app , the team has successfully completed the instant payment system and the kyc is going well . Next is marketing and fingers crossed the big announcement will happen as planned this month.
I wish good luck to everyone involved