Bitcoin ATMs●Australia


Now this one is interesting for me in particular.
I know I have three in my vicinity.
I never knew they were so popular!


absolutely zero atm for btc near me , but london has over a hundred …

great article . nice to see btc spreading.

etn atms next … yes please !!!

thanks for sharing


The fees they charge on these btc ATM’s is rediculous! Worse than standard bank fee’s these ATM’s should be banned and outlawed

yeah great tech but too expensive so whats the point

I got a figure of $15 USA?
Would that be correct?
As a comparison Western Union would be circa US $5.50
A standard ATM fee is circa US $1.75.
If we could get some idea of fees in respective countries that would be a great addition.!

For me in Australia my exchange charges .09%
I wouldn’t use one personally.
My exchange fits in my pocket…!!

BTC Markets? I have used them in Australia before. They seem ok.

I use coinspot
Secure. Cheap. KYC/AML with 2FA
Theres cointree also.

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oh yeah I know them. I should get an account there next time I am in Australia.

Hi mate I’m with coin jar and they charge a transfer fee of near $30.
Can you make deposits from your online bank account to coinspot?
Which banks accept or comply with money transfers, and what are the deposits, fees and withdrawal limits?

Yes or cash or bpay
All banks comply
Limit is 2k direct to start with going to a maximum of twety k
You can bpay up to twenty k I think also.
OTC on coinspot is minimum 50k entry fee

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Daily limit increases over time with direct debit.
You just top up with bpay

Ace please steer well clear of Auscoin and the ATM set up both have been used to scam btc off of investors and many of the machines are faulty and left out of service.
I am not involved as a investor but know many people in crypto Australia who have been rekt by the two leaders in this venture. He can say whatever he wants to the Dailymail but in reality this guy has burnt hundreds of potential crypto enthusiasts who could have used ETN in the first place and probably will not in the future. Once burnt twice shy.

Glad you posted that .WITH THE LINK ESPECIALLY.
I might ask @BegaMutex to take a look.
He may want to close or erase my topic.
Thanks for the research.

Thank you my friend.