Binance donation


hello guys, several minutes ago one man from our community on facebook posted this:
$2 million to be listed on binance!

Who wouldn’t want to see etn listed on binance.

How many users do we currently have?? :thinking:

2.5 million I hear u say!!

Could we all not just start a crowdfund and put $1 in each to get this done???


what do you think about this? i think it wouldnt be bad but we know that everybody from our community wont make donation for that!!! but i am ready to help etn!!!


did you not hear Richard say that soon binance will be asking us to have electroneun join them. We will be that BIG they will come begging to us…Even naga bo said that…


According to binance their coin listing fees is to prove a coin is worth the listing. They have vowed to give their listing fees to charity to prove this. It would be a good idea to involve the community if we still dont listed in the future after the ios app and big deals have progressed.


If naga bo said it everything will be great :joy::joy::joy: