Binance 2021 plans

What is a main reason that we are not getting listed on Binance? What prevents us to get listed.

This topic is a most damaging for Electroneum. Do we have any real chances to get listed?

Someone knows what team are doing for this? It is very unclear for most of HODLers.

If anyone knows please write here, what plans ETN team have to get listed on Binance in 2021.

Attempts have been made by the team, it is now up to Binance whether ETN get on the Binance exchange.


Unfortunately only personnel from Binance can answer your question.

Maybe we should organize a petition and they will notice us and ETN

Binance have a list of requirements and the only one we don’t meet is volume. They like to see an average of 1/15th of the market cap. We currently have a ratio of 1/55.

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