BIKI Exchange withdraw problem

Hi all. I did the competition of deposit ETN omn biki but now i am having troubles to withdraw my founds.
The coins are Available , i press withdraw and i write my correct public address. i don’t know what i should write on the “TAG memo” as etn doesn’t require it ( Am i right ? ) Also i don’t know what to write on the section “REMARK of address”
Biki support suggest to write 000000 on both section but even with that the withdraw keeps on Failing .

Can anyone give me some suggestion ? thanks in advance !!

They shouldn’t require a payment ID (TAG)… it would be ignored by the Electroneum wallet this end anyway so you just need to put in a valid format payment ID so that the transaction is accepted.

64 zeros or perhaps copy the payment ID from your Biki deposit screen and use that. The only thing that matters is the public address, so make sure you get that right :+1:t2:

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