Big price manipulation


I think,there is a big price manipulation again at kucoin…millions of coins at the sell side since 2 days…sometimes they are away and than back…so the price is going down more and more, step by step !!!
Does someone observe the same ?


Too bad that is how the market works mate, manipulation is everywhere…


Maybe someone is manipulating to get price down and buy ETN at the lowest price. Is a possibility


A question: when ETN coins are sold, the counter of the app for distribuction is affected or it counts the coin mined? A question for experts


Guys …go over to the Fight the ETN dump club post and read from about comment 7237 and read the comments there …especially M-Kid…might help …:sunglasses::sunglasses:


Not to worry — the price is 4 times what it was only 24 days ago. Best to have a cocktail, read some good books, and wait for the explosion.


Look at their metadium competition. They completely transformed the price in days! Its not a natural change but it will create a huge awareness for Meta.


Yes the good whales are fighting it beautifully and making the dumpers look like a dumb. You may want to take a look at Fight the ETN dump club.