Big etn logo in payment windows in woocommerce plugin


I have lately updated electroneum payment gw plugin for wordpress, i realized that etn logo go too much bigger which is suppose to be small image. check the screenshot. how can i solve this?


What version are you on?

Line 18 in electroneum-ips-library.php seems to be the path for the image.

$this->icon = ‘’;

I can only assume updating your WP version has messed with it. I dont have it installed so cant check atm. Perhaps @benjaminoo or someone else can take a look.

In the meantime, perhaps comment out that line to see if it will just not show the icon (nothing rather than borken link ofc), or save a local (smaller) version of the logo on the server in a public accessible area and and point to that.


I’m not a coder but etncommerce has a forum where you could ask for help with this


Dear Developer,

I have the exact same issue with very big ETN logo in checkout page.

Could you please kindly help wheather can I take away the logo or make it smaller?

Since I am not the coder so I have no ideas how to deal with it.

Thanks, Matt