Beta iOS ver 2.6.3: Significant enhancement of Paperwallet Export&Import time

I’ve just performed a few tests exporting and importing from app to a paper-wallet.
Amazed to register an (Complete) export & import cycle in less than 1 hour and 45 minutes.


Kudos to the electroneum team :heart::+1:


Thanks for the info. Last fast import that I have done less than 2hours was in January. And also in online walet was written that can takes up to 2 hours period.
Next time when I try to make withdraw it takes whole day it was I think in May…
So if we faster the process and make more user friendly it’s great.
Than is our target and plan this one :

That’s fast ! Considering the transactions are under heavy load. I’m still waiting for mine to be sent to my wallet.does the iOS app mine ? I haven’t seen any of it

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