Beta exchange coming soon


i know another exchange but…


this one is still in beta and they have a good white paper. (see link)
also they are kyc compliant

a summary .


Cryptocurrency exchanges pose a high barrier to
entry for everyday people. They’re bafflingly complex
for novices and most exchanges provide for just a
single fiat currency — if they allow for fiat at all. Users
often need to sign up to half a dozen exchanges
to be able to buy all of the different altcoins they
wish, resulting in hefty fees moving from fiat in one
marketplace, to crypto in another. Cryptocurrency
is hard to spend in the real world and the industry is
poorly regulated with attendant risks to user funds.

their solution

The Nauticus Exchange is designed to be the only
exchange users ever need — a one stop shop offering
300 cryptocurrencies and 16 fiat. Users from around
the world will be able to buy whatever crypto they
wish using their own nation’s money.
The Exchange will also enable users and merchants
to send and receive payments internationally — like
PayPal and Western Union combined, but with much
lower fees and live market rates. More than 200,000
users have already signed up to the platform and
Nauticus is registered with Australian Government
regulator AUSTRAC

imagine if you will , electroneum do decide on having exchange on the wallet fiat to etn and visa versa,
this company could be the solution to this . simply put they are still in beta and could easily integrate etn on their exchange and etn could possibly add this to their app. well i think it would be easy but im clueless on coding etc :rofl:

for me it would be a fantastic partnership of 2 up and coming companies , they both have a big future and are both still young…

what do you guys think ? a good part of a future etn ecosystem all in one app

any good or am i talking :poop:



Yep great idea… but the problem is still not solved…90% of the world still don’t know how to work out an exchange or buy coins on one…i am 52 years old and I have not got a clue how to buy crypto on a exchange that’s why I buy all my ETN on in Australia… because they take care of all the exchange stuff…if this was world wide with any fiat this would be a game changer. But hay I am doing ok for a old bloke… ETN to the moon…it will be huge one day…