BETA application opening soon and GigFair has a new name! AnyTasks

yes great things to come…


AnyTasks? Why plural?
Why not Because is already taken.

I see this name as a big mistake. People are going to type in The domain owner of can sell that name to a competitor.

Why couldn’t they think of an original name that was not already taken (not easy, of course) but, I’m sure it’s doable. And then, also buy the plural, the .net, .org, etc?

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Out of interest…do you know who owns Could it be Electroneum…It would make good sense to me if they did… is for sale. Created 2005

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3000 is a little rich for my blood. Group buy? lol


Well there we go then, chop chop team! Unless it’s a crazy price that is.


I was going to buy it myself until I saw the price haha

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I was a little slow to respond there!:crazy_face:

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115 views. 10 bids. Obviously under the minimum accepted bid of 3000 USD

The Republic of Korea owns
Electroneum either needs to buy it or look for a name other than

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Nah Lucy. I don’t see why. This kind of thing is rather prevalent on the web. No need for alarm.

Electroneum to Launch BETA Application - ‘AnyTask’ for the Upcoming Freelancer Platform | CoinBeat
Electroneum pans to launch a freelancer marketplace, dubbed ‘AnyTask’, is projected to help freelancers in the developining countries.


You guys see what I mean about “”? In the 2 sentences above it is referred to as “AnyTask”. No “s” at the end. And that’s from Electroneum really needs to have the singular AND the plural.


I’ve also seen Electroneum called Elecroneum too…do they own that also? It’s hardly an issue. People make spelling mistakes all the time.

Great look to the site, but it could use some SEO basics like a meta title and meta description…

It’s just a placeholder.

Well, at the very least, Mr. Ells could have said thank you for the above suggestion, which I made a month ago. Very disappointing. Now I know how Mick, at All About Tech, felt when he was ignored by Electroneum after helping to promote the company through his YouTube videos.

At any rate, I’m glad they took my advice and bought “AnyTask” (singular, not plural). It will make a world of difference in keeping people from getting frustrated and giving up, when they try to access the site.

I am sure they are thankful. RE is a stand up guy.

I looked it up a while back. Was offered at 3000 USD and for sale by ‘‘the republic of Korea’’

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