Bet on game players to win electroneum

What I’m trying to come out is
There will be two or more players of a particular game say Car race and we’ll bet on Player A or B that they will be the winner,
So I can say that player B will win and place 1000etn and another person too say no is going to be player A and put an amount on it,

People do this all the time with cash and have a friend (escrow) hold the money while it plays out.
You could do that now and even create a telegram channel to do it but the thing is how do you age verify? Also you would need a volunteer escrow and you’d have to give him a fee every bet.
But remember everything is getting recorded now so it’s not cash.

Why not just ask the betting websites who have already cleared themselves with licensing and KYC if they will let you use electroneum to gamble?

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That’s another idea and that would really work

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