Best way to turn Electroneum into cash?

I’ve got some ETN in my wallet thanks to a recently finished AnyTask gig and I need cash. A few questions…

  1. Typically I convert my crypto into cash via a peer-to-peer exchange, off the ETN-crypto exchanges which have minimal withdrawal fees and hopefully not crazy KYC requirements?
  2. Is there a Dash/Litcoin trading pair offered out there with ETN? I’ll take a real hit from the fees converting to Bitcoin and then selling the Bitcoin on a peer-to-peer exchange.

I thought Electroneum was specifically supposed to be a “digital cash” crypto, shouldn’t there be a better option for turning into cash than paying steep Bitcoin fees? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Hodl hodl hodl :wink::beers:

No 236, ETN is not digital cash. Its a token that lets you interact with the ETNNetwork. The project aims to build an entire eco system from start to finish
→ Earn (e.g. Selling digital skills on or selling products/services direct online using the API)
→ Spend (Directly in the app on things such as Top-ups/utilities, or online from one of the thousands of companies accepting ETN : )

You can also trade it for other cryptos using one of the many trading pairs:

You can check the exchanges websites for their withdrawal fees and minimum deposits. :+1:

Side note, I strongly recommend you be careful using exchanges who don’t properly follow KYC/AML laws. Crypto is littered with regret by people who try to cut corners.

OK, I’m a little new to trading, does Godex here look like a decent place to trade?

They have an ETN-Dash pair but it looks like the last trade was a week ago - does that mean there’s not really enough interest in ETN for me to trade there?
It appears to be possible to directly convert etn to either dash or ltc. I have not used this and have not checked their prices. Of note this is a non custodial exchange so you don’t have to allow for deposit/withdrawal fees.

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Yeah, I think I’ll go with Changelly

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