Best way to buy bitcoin


what site is best to buy bitcoin to buy etn
or any other way


i buy on coinbase and go to Liquid for buy ETN


yes i looked at coinbase but i hear bad thing in past so put me off


You can go directly to and do it there, but have not done it myself


Coinbase is the only 1 i use. Never had any issues


i buy my btc on localbitcoin and go to cryptopia to buy major issue,except the constant etn wallet maintenance on cryptopia


I’m using
low fees (6.9%) and fast transactions


which has best fee? site which i use has aproximately 8% which is too high


I dont know where you are but I have had great experience with cash app. Its an app on your phone and you would have to do some kyc requirements to transfer


I’ve personally only used Coinbase for BTC and have not experienced any issues but did have a long wait time (around 17 days) before receiving purchase. I’m not sure what kind of volume of ETN you’re looking for but if you’re interested the site offers direct ETN for fiat buys using paypal. I bought 500 ETN and received it rapidly. The site administrator, @Chris-FreeETNCentral is very friendly and good at communicating.

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Localbitcoins has 5% fees.


Yes coin base double charges you and it takes months to get paid