Best time to buy Electroneum

Heey @Renner does this post help you out a bit?

You also have to find a site that is easy for you to buy BTC on to send it to Cryptopia where you can buy ETN at when you buy bitcoin it mostly asks the amount you want to purchase and where to send it to you can paste the deposit code of BTC from cryptopia in there and it will be send to there as soon as they recieved payment be wary that it might take a bit sometimes long for it to come to Cryptopia when you look at cryptopia it will show up in the deposits section there you can see when it is at cryptopia and how many more confirmations it needs until you can use it to buy some ETN.

If the bitcoin is there then you can go to the exchange click on a rate you want to buy it on or fill one in and then can set your buy order and as soon as its fullfilled you will see it on your ETN balance. :wink:

I hope this helps a bit if you need more help then you can always send me a PM and maybe someone here knows good sites where you can buy bitcoin on :thinking:

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