Best time to buy Electroneum

This is the best time to buy Electroneum but unfortunately for me I don’t have any bitcoin to buy some more, any philanthropist ? And will say buy more if u get the chance

So if 1 ETN=$35, you sent him seven grand. Way to go man!



That’s my wallet I’m looking forward

I received it!! Thanks man your awesome. I will not forget.

Hmm thanks very much, how much should I thank you

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What a nice thing you did. Hats off to you.

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@M-Kid your awesome

Hello I have received the 200 ETN , I’m much grateful brother ,may God replenish you,
U just make me great in the near future I promise to help others too


Could you send me 2 or 3 million ETNs? This is some pocket change for you, so you won’t be bothered that much. :smiley:

Hahaha, just kidding ofc!
1 million is fine…

Yes even 200 is worth thousands soon, thanks tho

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If you are using Exodus desktop wallet, please write an email to and ask them if they intend to add ETN to their list of assets. If they receive a lot of requests, I am sure they will add it soon.

I can tell you’re having a lot well I’m praying I get to some 5k to 10k before it soar high,and your 200 is making my dream a reality


Lol bro I don’t have a laptop I’m keeping my coin in phone wallet

Yes, just saying, if there is anyone who is using it, they should do that.

Oh ok I’m sure your request will b responded

A very solid gesture, M. Well done.

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great stuff!! i think i will take your lead and do the same.


hey whats your wallet address… just bought a bag from Cryptopia… happy to help out and send a few ETN!!


I’m coming to send it you