Best Products to Sell for Electroneum?


What types of products do you think people are willing to spend their Electroneum on? Small electronics? Clothing such as t-shirts? ETNExpress is coming soon and we’re looking to finalize our initial product catalog.

#2 is coming soon! We’re aiming for a mid February launch date. Our approach to payments is a little different, we’re actually finishing up a couple proof-of-concepts this weekend and it’s looking fantastic! I’ll be posting updates from now until go-live. LET’S DO THIS!


T-shirts for sure. Anything not too expensive as ETN is not worth much atm. As it goes higher can put more expensive products on.


I don’t know if you want to know the truthful answer to this question.


Hello and welcome.
I have sent you a link to a topic that might give you a few Ideas.
T-Shirts as @Storm said and I agree smaller value items to start would help you to escalate your business according to Price.
Although Im sure some of us had in mind to purchase extra Electroneum specifically to spend within the Ecosystem…
Hope that helps you,
Good luck with your opening!


Dont mind @BigBrother305
He wont part with his precious Electroneum for anything…hes a dedicated Hodler!!


Hahahahahaha. XD 20 20 20


I want to buy a car hehe.


Thanks for the input everyone!

I think the trick is to get the hardcore Hodlers to spend a small amount of their ETN, just a pinch though, so they don’t really feel it. Perhaps we can make enough noise for the general public (and hopefully the unbanked) to hear. That’s the goal of ETNExpress.

FYI - I’m a Hodler at heart, but completely understand the importance of spending some of my ETN to get the Electroneum economy moving. Since we’re currently the biggest supporters of Electroneum we’re in a perfect position to be advocating how simple it is to use.

Thanks again! Back to coding :sunglasses:


I agree wholeheartedly.
As I think most (rational people) …would.
In a new market in here to start, I would be inclined to be selling something different to other sites within the ecosystem…at least till it gets much larger.
Personally, at present Im pushing everyting I can spare into Crypto at the moment.
Anything that I can go without …I will go without.
The global economic front isnt looking too flash right now.
So if you had more essential items for sale Id be more inclined to make a purchase.


Anything branded Electroneum…even Stickers…
That would be a good seller amongst a majority.


I’m trying to get as many ETN as possible and I think most people would prefer to hold their ETN at this stage, because lets face it, we all see Electroneum as a potential life changing investment.

I would buy something small like, socks, or a key ring, something like that. Maybe some sort of voucher that introduces ETN to new people, by getting them to download the wallet, I would buy that for sure.


Thanks, @phnx. All great ideas.


I think an ETN mouse pad would be pretty cool too actually and I don’t think I’ve seen anyone sell one yet.


Facebook game credits


How about a round ETN patch to sew on to your jacket sleeve. This would allow the ETN army to be in uniform when we all meet for the after party.


I think thats just the sort of thing that would probably be a winner.


When lambo???


When rocket is lit and I have a full load of fuel. Is your rocket ready?