Beneficiary Creation in Mobile App - Everyday Shopping

I personally would like to suggest that if ETN is going to be used in the most remote areas (SA as a pilot country), by some of the users who are novices to technology and gadgets - the Mobile App can have a feature of “saving at least 5 beneficiaries” i.e. I find it a bit tedious to scan the ETN Address and Payment ID. But if I do it once for a vendor from which I buy bread and milk from everyday, then I need to save this Spaza Shop’s payment details and not scan or enter every-time I am transacting. Instead, I just say Pay Spaza_No1 etc.

SOON… :slight_smile:


Agree. We should be able to have a contact list with their wallet address.

here in the Philippines most of us Use CoinsPH, a digital wallet that has a lot of service to use including paying our utilities,buying data,remit money, or send money,buy games credits,buy ticket,foods, shop online, and also buy cryptos ,

in the picture you can see the category of “Favorites” the STAR icon were you can save all you favorite customers.

i think ETN will be the same as CoinsPH in the future :smiley:
not just here in my country but all around the globe.