Behind Crypto Lines-We are the Resistance

Blockchain is the future.
Blockchain is disruptive. Banks won’t exist in another 10 years.
Not all the countries in the world are crypto-friendly.
There are certain “hostile” zones for cryptos.
If you live in a country where people see crypto investors as outlaws and criminals , you’re not alone.
I’m living in one of the " most hostile" zones for blockchain.But still I’m a hodler for life.

I’ll post stuff about how it’s like to live in a place where crypto “might” get banned.

I’m not fudding on this thread.
I just wanna show you the aftermath of “things”.

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If you’re reading this , then you’re the RESISTANCE.

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Facebook wanted to launch Libra in India and make it a crypto hub.
What now?

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Desperate times.
Desperate measures.

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I absolutely love your passion, always have, but those sort of statements are the thing that gets their attention and creates resistance. One of the reasons I love ETN’s approach is they aren’t trying to replace or overthrow, just provide better solutions that can co-exist without trying to ruffle the old guard’s feathers.


Governments cannot fully control the financial systems if crypto goes mainstream.
Plus if govs do ever release their own crypto , it won’t be ‘crypto’.It’ll be more centralized.
Blockchain has the capability to replace governments.
True democracy.
Decentralization at the global level.
Complete transparency.

The above posts and future posts have nothing to do with ETN specifically, but crypto in general.

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lol and I’m saying that’s what scares them, so why throw it in their face.

Short of an actual revolution by the people Gov’s can regulate, ban and control crypto regardless of if it’s decentralized.

Making it illegal, outlawing exchanges, outlawing accepting it as payment for anything. Making dealing with it in any capacity a crime.

The bankers aren’t just going to throw their hands up and give up their stranglehold they have on the people of the world. They have it pretty good and have the gov’ts on their side.

The USA could shut down over half the internet by pulling the plug on Amazon web services.

If my goal was to become a replacement currency, I sure as hell wouldn’t be shouting about my plans to take over the world from the mountain top.

I’d just do it slowly and in a stealthy ahh shucks sort of way.


That’s what we’re doing out here.
We remain silent.
We keep our heads down.
Not talking with others about crypto/blockchain.
The most i can do is wear BTC shirt when i go out , to spread the message.

But i know that the time isn’t far away when we’ll see fiat paper money in museums where future kids will taught about how the old fiat system collpased and how a small fraction of Crypto believers changed the world , for the better.


Okay, got ya now. You see the old guard dinosaurs dying off and the new guard replacing the old.

I agree it can and probably will happen.

My point is they, the gov’t and central banks, are very good at keeping what they have, and putting the boot to the neck of their subjects.

They won’t give their honey pots up without a fight, so you have to convince them that crypto is beneficial to them, not a threat.

Printing money out of thin air and distributing it among themselves and all their buddies while they and their 1 percenter financial elite market manipulators scheme to try and separate as much of the funds they begrudgingly had to distribute among the people and get it back from them so they have more because they always want more. Well they aren’t just going to walk away from that sweet gig.

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Hyperinflation will do it’s job.
The gov will have no choice.
The whole world is gonna go “Venezuela”.

The global reset is near.
It is inevitable.

Won’t happen as quick as you seem to believe it will.

I’ve been reading about how experts believe the USA is going to implode and a financial nuclear winter is upon us any day now for more than twenty years. Every month the US dollar is supposed to collapse and America and the world are going to fall into chaos.

Yet my credit card statements keep coming month after month lol.

I’m like okay get here already, let’s reset this thing.

The gov is trying to delay the inevitable.
They can do this for months , years but after sometime what.
People will burn down banks just like France.
They’re running out of time.
If Blockchain wasn’t a threat to them , BTC would have gone mainstream years ago.
But they still try to kill BTC.
This shows they’re scared and now they’re on the run.
What if people lose faith in USD.
Look at China,Russia … they’re moving ahead of the pack.

Well if the USD was to collapse, you better learn to speak Russian and or Chinese.

The only thing that keeps those two from becoming ultra aggressive towards other countries is the strength of the USD and their fear of having to deal with the US and her Allies.

Throw the world into financial chaos, billions of lives will be effected and it won’t be this automatic utopia you seem to think it will be just because crypto exists. If the USD collapses, American isn’t the only country and people effected, every country under the umbrella of protection is vulnerable.

We, America are the only reason that China and Russia are kept in check.

Without America and her might, get used to a world you aren’t going to like. You think the Chinese gov’t would stop at ethnic cleansing within their own borders? They are benevolent kind and compassionate leaders?

America will be too busy trying to secure our own borders and protect North America and won’t be able to lend a hand in all the other areas that become vulnerable in a financial meltdown.

Resources become the new power and leverage. China and Russia would have no problem enslaving their people and forcing them to do their bidding to run a war machine.

While Americans aint having none of that. We don’t just talk “you can pry my gun from my cold dead hands” We believe in it to our core, even those who run at the mouth about gun rights issues and laws know deep down what’s what.

So sorry our leaders won’t be forcing us into slavery to feed a war machine that can offer protection to those who enjoyed living the lives they have come to know under our protection along with our Allies.

Americans would volunteer to secure our borders, but we won’t have the resources to police the planet. That takes money and if the world is in financial chaos and the USD has no value, then all those who wished for America’s demise get to live with the consequences if it comes to pass.

You may think this is coming from one of those arrogant Americans who think the world revolves around us, blah blah blah.

I know America has lots of faults and could be better. I hate war, I can’t stand politics or how the US uses it’s power to manipulate situations to it’s advantage.

But if you actually believe the world would be a better place without us and our military might, I think you are sadly mistaken.

The demise of the US and the USD doesn’t just have a ripple effect, it’s a financial Tsunami that effects every one you love no matter where you are from.

So me personally, I’d rather that things aren’t just thrown into chaos and the old guard is allowed to be replaced slowly and methodically by the new guard with new outlooks, policies, cooperation among countries and new, better, more fair financial systems.

I don’t want to see China and Russia team up with N. Korea to enslave their own people to make weapons of war and fuel those machines trying to take what they want from everyone else. Bullets, missiles, fighter jets, uniforms, food, war ships, fuel ect don’t make themselves or run on hope.

And if that didn’t come to pass as I envision it could, China would try to make it’s currency the world’s reserve currency. You’d rather that than the USD be the world’s reserve currency?

These are just a few thoughts that cross my mind as a result of you talking about fiat and the USD collapsing.

I want a better world with better distribution of wealth too, I want crypto to become what it has the potential to become. I do not want world chaos, poverty, famine and all that could happen if plunged into global financial meltdown.

I mean, I know those problems exist now all over, even here in America, but I can’t imagine how serious those problems would be compounded by sudden financial ruin on a global scale.

I don’t even think of stuff like this normally, and I hate politics with a passion. But your constant insistence that the end of fiat and the demise of the USD is near got me thinking about what that might look like if it were to come to pass.

And quite frankly, I don’t believe it would be all unicorns and utopia for all.

I’m not trying to throttle your passion for crypto or tame your dislike of financial inequality.

It’s not a good system that allows 1%-5% of the population to control 99% of the world’s wealth. So yea things need to change.

ETN is one of those projects that can help redistribute some of that wealth and be a part of change for good, towards a better future for all.

So stay passionate, don’t let me bum you out, just maybe temper your hope for the demise of fiat.

You made me think of some things, and I didn’t like having to even try to process what it might look like if the USD fell anytime soon. It’s not a pretty picture in my mind.

I know I probably upset some people with this post, America this, America that blah blah.

I hate politics like I said, and I usually keep my views to myself on political crap, because for one thing, I have no idea if I’m rigth or wrong, it’s just what coes to mind mulling it over here and there.

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You didn’t upset me.
I’m just a fellow American , even though i live halfway around the world.:blush:

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