“Be fearful when others are greedy. Be greedy when others are fearful.”

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Latest Crypto Fear & Greed Index

I still waiting for the fear to grow just a bit more. Might miss out but I’m mining Electroneum, so I’ll have some compensation :slight_smile:

I think there might still come a bunch more fear days coming until the bull run will start to climb up :sunglasses:

haha @MSystem i knew it was about to come bitcoin has dropped a lot today :sunglasses: Patience is key its time to load up again :moneybag::thinking::moneybag:

This was a popular saying by Warren Buffet and his two rules 1st don’t lose money 2nd see rule #1 “BE SO CONFIDENT THAT YOU NOW OWN A GREAT COMPANY THAT, EVEN IF THE STOCK PRICES GOES DOWN, YOU DON’T WORRY AND YOU STAY WITH IT UNTIL IT GOES BACK UP, AND, IDEALLY, YOU NEVER SELL.” words from one of the wealthiest investors of all time worldwide. If we translate that to ETN we invest in it knowing in five years the value will be solid and sit on it!!! Easy Peasy!!!

Yup i agree with buffet’s saying @Thunder only thing i don’t agree on with him is that he says crypto is rat poison :yum: