Be aware of scams like this ⚠

Our friend @yaolad came across this recently.

Be sure to never ever fall for something like this, where you have to send someone a small portion of Crypto in order to receive more. It is 100% a scam.

Ensure that you are always viewing official Electroneum pages such as Twitter or Facebook for announcements.

Official Electroneum Twitter:
Official Electroneum Facebook:


stuff like that should be reported.

I keep reporting these scams to twitter. They re never ending. They are also followed by fake users that say they got some. All lies.

I don’t trust those fake news and it should be reported for sure :neutral_face:

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ETN allows that people to do that… it could be part of the ETN team as well…

You are more than welcome to try it. :wink:

That’s just stupid. They have even pointed out these scams in the past. The issue is that they just keep coming.

And the more we normal people react to those posts (such as liking, loving, hating, or commenting whatever reason), the higher up they show on the original post.

We should all just stop replying to them.

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Wow this is really crazy. The scammers will always be looking for way to steal. I guess this its good ETN has KYC now so it might help to keep the scammers away from using ETN directly.

just report them… it’s contagious and will affect our new member who don’t know