BCFocus KYC Article


Hey Everybody,

Have a look at this fantastic new article from BCFocus! It covers our KYC announcement and states that Electroneum has ‘engraved its name’ as the world’s first fully KYC-compliant cryptocurrency!

It’s great to see how well received our KYC announcement has been and we’re so excited to be on the cusp of becoming a recognised means of digital payment like PayPal or Apple Pay.

Check it out here: https://bit.ly/2PeHYs6

What do you think of ETN breaking new ground for the third time? What are you most looking forward to in ETN’s future? Where do you think we’ll go next? Let us know below!


IDK why the ETn team are posting again and again old articles (this one is 5 DAYS old). Its no reason to do it - if someone want he can find it itself. Better answear to problem with pending transaction or problems with KYC here at forum… some people send big ammount and this trx stuck in blockchain for days… Or some more info about iOS or post the video from yesterday… no more KYC articles :smiley: you receive only 200 likes or retweets


Not to mention the link is to @BCfocus is wrong and links you to a high school lol.