Basic Attention Token/BRAVE browser also at MWC 19 - ETN reaching out?

dear Team,

I just want to raise awareness of BAT showing presence at MWC. .

basicattentiontoken.o r g/2018-highlights/

I see in BAT, as well as in ETN, a huge potential as they have a real usecase. I use their browser and it is awesome. High privacy and easy and fun way to spent their token in order to tip content producers.

I really recommend it to you.

Maybe a great possibility for ETN to get in touch with the BAT team?


No, I am neither a BAT nor an ETN shill. All I am is a man who sees that the real value of a coin is the usage of it, not it´s rank on coinmarketcap.

A currency is meant to be spent, not HODLed!

Peace and Love

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Nice try.
Wrong section btw

Been loving the brave browser myself. Looking forward to the full ecosystem launch of brave rewards. Another way for content providers to not have to rely on GoogleTube.

For those who don’t know, the Brave browser was founded by Brandon Eich, co-founder of Mozilla.

All that being said, I liquidated a large amount of BATs for ETN a couple weeks ago… And I don’t really see the 2 working together. 2 different projects with differemt key goals.



While I’m at it, if you’re here and a content provider or have your own website, you can get paid in BATs for people viewing your content or site. You have to register with them and get verified, but afterwards BATs just automatically show up in your Uphold account. IIRC it only took a link and an email address. Keep em or turn em into ETN (like I did), doesnt matter.

I noticed both @B.F.A and @MSystem videos showed up in my attention list and werent verified. Msys, I don’t know if that would be a conflict of interest or if you could put them back into the business.


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jo Matt,

thanks for your respond. That exactly was my initial thought opening this topic.

ETN could easily register as content provider and could accumulate some revenue. Same thing all the youtubers like allabouttech and co could do. Some like sean davis do it already. It´s a win win for everybody.

thnaks man. Appreciated

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