Banned for mining 10


i been banned from using the miner seemed to suggest i was mining to many yet i am getting only 10 etn a week and as usual support dont respond


Only one mining phone for every user regardless the mining output, mining output is decided from ETN and not the phone, more than one and you are banned.


17.1 The App provides access to our mobile mining function through which ETN may be periodically added to your pending balance whilst the app remains running on your mobile phone and connected to (“ Mobile Miner ”).

17.2 You must:

17.2.1 only use the Mobile Miner on mobile phones and not on any other device;

17.2.2 only use the Mobile Miner on one mobile phone per account and only one account per person, which you hold with us;

17.2.3 not emulate the Mobile Miner on any device regardless of whether physical or virtual;

17.2.4 not adapt, reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble, or modify the Mobile Miner; and

17.2.5 only use the Mobile Miner for lawful purposes.

17.3 Any breach of clause 17.2 shall entitle us to permanently disable your access to the Mobile Miner without further notice to you.

17.4 You are responsible for ensuring that your mobile phone meets the minimum system requirements set out at clause 22.

17.5 In order to benefit from use of the Mobile Miner your mobile phone must be connected and the App must be running on it. You must monitor your use of the App and we shall not be liable in any way for any loss, damage, expense or liability you may incur (including mobile data or other charges) as a result of your use of the App.

17.6 The amount of any payment of ETN made by us to you, the payment threshold and rate at which ETN may be added to your pending balance as a result of your use of the Mobile Miner, are subject to change and determined by us at our absolute discretion. We offer no representation, warranty or guarantee as to the amount of ETN which may be generated through your use of the Mobile Miner.

17.7 We make no warranty, representation or guarantee as to the regulatory or tax status regarding your access and use of the Mobile Miner: please refer to clauses 9 and 10 of these terms.


as i said i am only mining 10 so i clearly am not using more than one item


There was a issue today with the miner but i can’t remember what since i don’t mine, i got an apple. it might be some question you need to answer, i am looking around on the forum, i am shore it was here i read about it somewhere


Thanks, i will give it a try again tomorrow


There is some questions to answer that you are not a bot :slight_smile: Happy days


what do you mean not a bot


Like a program that do a lot of phones, my english is not the best in the world, i come from Norway. Bot=robot?


I got a notification in the app as well saying that the miner had been stopped. i just clicked a link that was presented and filled in some details and it re-enabled the miner



i know what bot means and i certainly am not one, i wonder if my internet is causing a problem, i dont have a static IP address and this seems to think i am in stockport in actual fact i’m in derbyshire, B.F.A your english is great


@keithw There was an app update today in order to mitigate bots using the network. I had the same issue. Enter google play store and you will see that the app suggest an update. Perform the update and once the mining pop-up appears, press “more info” or whatever it says. You will recieve a few questions (that are completely irrelevant but hard for a bot to complete) and once that’s done just restart the app and mining will work as intended.


I filled in that form and miner restarted. But after some time it got stopped. Then on restating the app i am not able to even login. It says my account has been locked


Good to know we just dropped from 140 000 to 102 000 so seems that a lot of cheaters in our network. Or the app crash very often too but not for 40 K miners… Maybe they just go sleep and app stop working. Good we need to block all cheaters. I suggest to make Yoti necessary to show our face and we can then block all fake miners (they use clones of the app or more smartphones on different emails - but there is only 1 person behind it! and this person dont have more than 1 face…)
Keep banning ALL!


I’m getting pretty tired with this issue and will probably delete the app. It’s frustrating! I’ve been mining from the begining, have only used 1 phone and one account, yet I’ve only managed to mine some 700 ETN. The app keeps banning me and signing me out! I’ve been patient and hoping for improvements, but enough is enough.


Have patience or now have a break and when we have cloud mining you can get back to us. 700 coins is nice. I have mined 1700 till now. but when you can be rich you need to buy at exchange. only from mobile miner you could be incredible rich - its for poor coutries up to 3$ per month…


is your walllet account is locked ?? so u can,t even log on from the website ? or its a miner lock out ? so u r not allowed to mine ,but can see the balance ?


may be someone on your network mine ETN too , family member or co-worker which means u share the same IP together …


Are you seure you arent talking about the new update kicked out everyone to solve a captcha and get back again?
You arent caling thst a ban are you?


my entire account is locked. I can login from the web site as well. not sure what to do with the balance in my account. It has transactions other then mobile miner as well. ETN team could have planned it in better way